Xtreme Miners. The Lion 7.5 Th/S
Xtreme Miners. The Lion 7.5 Th/S
Xtreme Miners. The Lion 7.5 Th/S
27.00190 BTC
Produced by Xtreme Miners
Hash Rate in Gh/S7500
Power Consumption in Watts2250
Form FactorDesktop
Chip Technology28nm
Communication PortsWiFi
Ready to MineYES
Estimated Shipping Date02.2014
Price of each 1 Gh/S1.93 USD
Energy efficiency W/ Gh/S0.30
Product Description
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Caution! There is suspect of scam by this vendor.

Please, read the following thread before placing order.


Xtreme Miners are the perfect combination of latest technology, most powerful hashing power on the market (compared to size and price), and futuristic design.

All current orders on our website are pre-orders.

These products are not only beautiful – they are also extremely efficient.

Even overclocking is possible: Xtreme Miner can reach up to 140% of its power, while still being complete functionable and while the hashing process stays continuous.
That is guaranteed because of our one-of-a-kind, super silent air filter. Unlike powerful miners from other companies, the Xtreme Miners are so silent that you will barely even notice they are there.

You can configure the settings yourself, but vendor can provide you with 10 steady workers at all times, failover, 6 balance pools at the same time or an automatic exchange if one worker collapses.

Miners are not only collecting Bitcoins, they can mine all types of coins which use the SHA256d algorithm (E.g. Bitcoins, PPCoins, Namecoins, Tonal Bitcoins and Devcoins).

They will reach their break even points extremely fast - for more details, take a look at the Bitcoin mining profitability calculator.

Xtreme Miners connect with WiFi automatically, there is no need to attach an additional WiFi antenna.

Also, the installed software automatically updates itself, so that you won’t have to worry about manually getting the latest software.

You get a FREE Belkin Remote Power Outlet with every Miner that you purchase. This is an extremely important tool for everyone who is serious about bitcoin mining.

The remote power outlet makes it possible for you to stay away from your miner for long times, but still keeping total control of it.

Wherever you are – At work, on holiday – you can always control your Miner with the simple and free Belkin App for Android and iOS Smartphones. You can choose when you want to keep your miner running, and when you want to give hime a 1-minute-break and then restart.

Enjoy your life while your Xtreme Miner mines coins for you!


15.7“ x 13.7“ x 17.7“

28nm ASIC technology

Silent Cooling

In-built WiFi Connection (without Antenna)

Glass Interface

Less than 2250 watt (0.3 per GH)

1 Year Guarantee


Power Supply

Free Remote Power Outlet & Smartphone App

Free User Guide

Free Personal Assistance for Setup

Shipping :

Worldwide, Express

Included in the price

Pre-order for Feb of 2014

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Network Data
Last block:264451
With raw speed of
you can mine up to
in 24H
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